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PostPosted: Sun Jul 16, 2017 3:53 pm 
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If you think the title to this post is something that should be trivial to do and not worthy of a post I would agree, that is until I spent that last two days trying to figure out how to do it. I finally came up with a workable solution that I will share here but it is by no means an optimal solution. If anyone has a better way please let me know.
My source code is in Visual Studio 2017. Line numbers are easy to add to the editor, Tools/Options/C/C++/General and check Line numbers.

The difficulty is in exporting the source with line numbers from VS to Word. In short, I never found a satisfactory way to do it. There are several plugins that sort of work but every one that I tried changed the formatting of the code or produced a document type that could not be imported into Word. The solution I finally got to work required using Notepad++. The steps required are very convoluted which is why I’m creating this post as a set of instructions for myself in the future.
    1. Configure Notepad++ to format the source code to your liking by going to Settings/Style Configurator…, selecting the desired language, C++ in my case, and adjusting the parameters for each item in the Style: list. In order to make the formatting match VS I added three user defined keywords under the INSTRUCTION WORD Style: pragma once and include.
    2. Copy the code from VS and paste into Notepad++.
    3. Select the Language. Notepad++ should format the code.
    4. Select all of the code (CTRL+a).
    5. Place the cursor at the left margin in the first line.
    6. Edit/Column Editor… (ALT+C)
    7. Indent code to make room for line numbers by adding the desired number of spaces to the 'Text to Insert' field and clicking OK. (I use 2 spaces)
    8. Add line numbers by clicking 'Number to Insert'
    ....a. Initial number: 1
    ....b. Increase by: 1
    ....c. Repeat: blank
    ....d. Click OK. Line numbers are added.
    9. Plugins/NppExport/Copy RTF to clipboard.
    10. Paste into Word document.

Easy right, sheesh! Talk about non-intuitive. Here is the final result in Word:

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Professor Kelly

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